Golf With Style

Welcome to!  My name is Kimberly and along with my husband and son, we eat, sleep, and breath golf.  I could and probably should get into my background more, but I’m sure that will come in time.  I’ve been in the golf industry for the past 10 years.  And let me just say, I’ve seen some lame clothes come and go in my time on the course.

Golf fashion has made a 360 degree turn over the last 10 years.  My husband has been gracious enough to let me use his High School golf picture as an example of how far we’ve come and a picture taken just a couple weeks ago.  Notice his pleated pants and baggy shirt!  My oh my we’ve come so far!  It’s not just how good can you play but how well dressed you are.  Clothing companies are stepping out of the norm and providing styles that appeal to everyone.  And I’m excited about it!  You’re now free to express yourself with your fashion style on the golf course.

Social media sites like Pinterest give you the ability to create a vision board of exactly what you want and how you’d like to see yourself dress (along with a lot of other things.)  You can basically have your own personal closet or even wishlist online. Pinterest has grown to be one of the most popular sites providing people with a fresh start.  To follow us on Pinterest, you can follow and

On my online personal golf closet you will find some of the new rising clothing and shoe companies in golf and how the big companies are staying ahead of the trend.  Some companies to keep an eye out for are Kikkor Golf, Travis Matthew, Nike Golf, Puma Golf, and many more.  I’d love to hear about your amazing golf fashion finds too, so if know of a company you think I should watch, let me know!

Each week I will provide a featured company and how they are great.  The products they provide and their specific style.  I will give suggestions on how to pair certain items without it looking ‘wrong,’  but oh so right!  Golf has been about letting your clubs do the talking but I think it’s time we let your style showcase your game.  For more golf related pictures, products, and ideas you can follow me on Pinterest at

2 thoughts on “Golf With Style

  1. Excited to check out your pinterest! Nice to know others who eat, sleep and breath golf. Had to laugh about the pleats, why they ever wore those (and some still do) I’ll never know. Let’s hope they never come back in style! Good luck with your new blog! I’ll spread the word!

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