Golf Inspired Everyday Wear

Golf Inspired Everyday Wear

As I mentioned in my post “Golfing in Style,” I eat, sleep and breath golf.  With that said, golf apparel tends to influence the way I dress when I’m not on the course.  I found these amazing Cole Haan shoes and immediately knew what my next post should and would be about!  And I loved them all so much; I couldn’t pick just one color in each style.  I would like one of each, please!  On top of the gorgeous design and fun trendy colors… they’re Cole Haan!  Which means:  they have Nike’s ultra-lightweight Lunarlon cushioning system!  Yep, there you have it, they’re fabulous AND comfortable!  Are these shoes not perfect?!

I promise you, I’ll be talking about more golf inspired apparel in the future, not just shoes!  Shoes just have that special place in my heart so I thought it was a great place to start!

If you like them for yourself head over to and get a pair (or three.)  For more golf related pictures, products, and ideas you can follow me on Pinterest at

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