Antigua, Corporate Golf

I recently got two shirts, a pair of capris, and a skort from Antigua.  The items are from their Performance-72 line, meaning it’s all wash and wear (SCORE!) and is going to keep you as dry as possible on hot days because the fabric is moisture wicking.

Antigua is one of the leading companies in corporate sales and I can clearly see why.  The styles are clean and simple.  Buying uniforms or tournament gifts for others is hard!  You never know what their style is going to be.  With these shirts, they’re so simple that you can’t really go wrong.

And for the companies that want to use Antigua for uniforms, go for it!  With the tech fabric, you don’t have to worry about your staff showing up in a wrinkled shirt and pants.  Wash and dry the clothes and they are good to go.

Unfortunately for me, the clothes I got were too big on me.  They don’t carry “XS” so for the smaller ladies, we’re going to have to wear the small and have it a little big.  I do wish I would have gotten a couple of their funkier shirts, as you’ve probably noticed by now, I like things that are a little more out of the box.  For more information on Antigua go to  For more golf related pictures, products, and ideas you can follow me on Pinterest at

And a special thank you to my 2 1/2 year old son, Brody for taking the pictures for this post!

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