Shi Golf (or) Shi Collection Review

I recently got a couple items from a company most people have probably never heard of formerly known as Shi Golf but are now Shi Collection.  I got a plain black sweater and was sent a white dress called the “Shi Resort Dress.”  I’m not exactly sure why I was sent this dress since I am a golf apparel reviewer not a “resort” reviewer.  The sweater was basic and something you can find in any department store or any golf line.  The dress was so see-thru that I’m unable to post pictures of me in it because I just don’t think the world needs to see that much of me.  When I communicated my issues with the dress with the Shi team they said that they are redirecting Shi Golf and are going for “ready-to-wear inspired by golf, and the brand focus is to be more versatile and can be worn for golf, tennis, leisure, lounge & etc.”  They say that this is one of their top sellers and it’s a big “resort” piece.  When I questioned how you can even wear it for resort suddenly it was “poolside or going to the beach” rather than just resort.  Unless you use this as a swimsuit cover-up I’m not sure you should wear it at a resort.  And FYI the tag on the dress says “Shi Golf.”

This is my first ever negative review.  My typical mentality is that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.  With that said, I wanted to warn you that this is no longer a golf apparel company.  They are totally getting away from that.   I’m sending the clothes back and on to my next review.  I promise that the reviews that I post in the next few weeks will get you excited about the season and hopefully open your eyes to some companies you may not know that much about.

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