Ultimate Golf Stocking Stuffers

Ultimate Golf Stocking Stuffers


Ultimate Golf Stocking Stuffers

Ultimate Golf Stocking Stuffers

Marathon, Black

PC Racer Black


Men’s Review: IJP Design

British label, IJP Design just started making the move to the US about 18 months ago so you might not be that familiar with the brand quite yet.  IJP Design is designed by Ian Poulter and a team of skilled designers.  You may recognize the look from seeing Poulter play in his signature tartan trousers in tournaments.

I enlisted the help of my husband, PGA Golf Coach, Greg Baresel, for this review.  Currently IJP Design only offers mens and junior boys (starting at age 7) apparel so obviously I needed a little help since I can’t try the items myself.  From my understanding ladies apparel will be launching later this year.

Have you ever noticed that some company’s tech fabrics tend to have a strong odor once you’ve been wearing them for a little while?  We have!  After wearing the Vegas golf shirt for a full work day there was no smell whatsoever.  Is it the actual fabric they use?  Is it the Scotchgard (that wicks away moisture, helps stains come out in the wash, and allows fabric to remain soft and breathable) they use on the shirt?  Probably a combination of the two.

The shirt has a more athletic fit to it.  It fits slimmer than some companies.  The sleeves are a bit shorter but not too short (as seen in the pictures) and they have a band along the bottom of the sleeve to help it stay in place.  I thinkour favorite feature on the shirt is that it is actually pretty long in the torso region.  When you’re hitting your powerful drive or bending to fix your ball mark, this shirt isn’t going to create any unwanted surprises.  I think we all know what I’m saying… no plumbing issues here.

The slim fit, White Watch polo shirt features a British embroidered crest and placket design.  It is a 100% cotton pique.  My model put the shirt on, drove 20 minutes in the car, and by the time he got out it was a little wrinkled.  I’m so used to the tech fabrics being maintenance free that I was a little thrown.  But that is what you get with a 100% cotton shirt.  It looked good though, he says it was comfortable, and looked more like a country club shirt that can be worn on or off the course.  In this particular instance it was to dinner at a country club.

The pants and shorts have some cool features too.  The back pockets have enough room to hold your yardage book or scorecard.  The bottoms have an adjustable waistband, and lets be honest here, who doesn’t need a little extra on certain days?  The bottoms are water repellent.  They are also made with a stretch fabric so moving, bending, swinging… it’s all easier.  We received the White Watch trousers which feature a straight leg shape while most of IJP’s other pants feature a bootcut leg.  Personally, we’re happier with the straight leg look than the bootcut, but that’s just us.  The pockets on the back of the shorts look really sharp.  They are super wide and have a unique look to them.

When I asked my husband to describe the apparel in one word he said, “Phenomenal.”  We don’t always agree on everything, but I’m going to have to agree with him that IJP Design is really doing something right.

Nivo vs. Nike, Golf Knickers

I’m slightly obsessed with golf knickers so when I found that both Nike Golf and Nivo both had what appeared to be a modern day take on golf knickers, I knew I had to have them.

Nivo wins this round. The Nike pair gave me a mom-butt, weren’t very comfortable, and ran on the small side. The Nivo pair are super comfy and flattering. Well played, Nivo.  Well played.

I’ll let the picture speak for itself.  Though, I was too shy turn around for the camera so you don’t get the full mom-butt effect.

Nivo vs. Nike


Thank you Matt Mason from Matt Mason Photography for all of the pictures you’ve done of me.  You are a very patient man 😉

Shi Golf (or) Shi Collection Review

I recently got a couple items from a company most people have probably never heard of formerly known as Shi Golf but are now Shi Collection.  I got a plain black sweater and was sent a white dress called the “Shi Resort Dress.”  I’m not exactly sure why I was sent this dress since I am a golf apparel reviewer not a “resort” reviewer.  The sweater was basic and something you can find in any department store or any golf line.  The dress was so see-thru that I’m unable to post pictures of me in it because I just don’t think the world needs to see that much of me.  When I communicated my issues with the dress with the Shi team they said that they are redirecting Shi Golf and are going for “ready-to-wear inspired by golf, and the brand focus is to be more versatile and can be worn for golf, tennis, leisure, lounge & etc.”  They say that this is one of their top sellers and it’s a big “resort” piece.  When I questioned how you can even wear it for resort suddenly it was “poolside or going to the beach” rather than just resort.  Unless you use this as a swimsuit cover-up I’m not sure you should wear it at a resort.  And FYI the tag on the dress says “Shi Golf.”

This is my first ever negative review.  My typical mentality is that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.  With that said, I wanted to warn you that this is no longer a golf apparel company.  They are totally getting away from that.   I’m sending the clothes back and on to my next review.  I promise that the reviews that I post in the next few weeks will get you excited about the season and hopefully open your eyes to some companies you may not know that much about.

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